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Nick Heap
Marketing Director

Coordinates creation and maintenance of Website, Marketing copy and design.

Assists Sales staff in Marketing and Project implementation.

Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wells College.

Lived and Studied in Denmark for One Year through the American Field Service.

Email: nheap@thecorpchicago.com

About Nick Heap

Nick Heap came to T.H.E. Corporation during its initial start-up phase as a consultant and editor to Mr. Lewis. As the company began to take shape, and he became more involved with development of the various phases of the company's growth, his enthusiasm and dedication to strengthening Tomorrow's Humanitarian Engineers was cemented.

Working in collaboration with all aspects of the company, from finance to project management, Mr. Heap’s focus remains on utilizing the skills of his fellows to the betterment of the company, with an emphasis on providing excellence in service to all clients. His ability to reframe and redirect the work of the company have contributed significantly to the dynamic strength of T.H.E. Corporation. Nick’s work experience in Sales and Marketing, his background in English Literature, as well as his knowledge of computer systems and communications, have all been integral parts of making company communications, contracts and publications as accessible to the clients as possible.

Nick’s background also includes world travel and acquisition of a foreign language – having studied for a year in Denmark before attending college in New York State. His travels and experiences living in various geographic regions have heightened his deep appreciation for cultural diversity, love of learning and dedication to forging connections across boundaries, whether geopolitical or cultural.

Parts Management, Engineering/Maintenance Dept. Oct. 2004 - Present
Jewel Food Stores Distribution Melrose Park, IL
Development Intern May 2001 - August 2001
EnVisage Information Systems, Inc. Genoa, NY
Network and Database Administrator May 1997 - May 2000
Sales & Marketing Assistant New York, NY
National Abandoned Property Processing Corp. (NAPPCO)
Administrative and Office Assistant May 1996 - May 19997
Irene Cohen Temporary Agency New York, NY
Wells College Aurora, NY
Areas of Studies and Classes Completed 1994-2002
Ringkøbing Gymnasium, Ringkøbing, Denmark
Areas of Studies and Classes Completed 1993-1994

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