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Tim Krueger

Chief Operations Officer

Lead Research Specialist.

Executive Condominium Association Negotiator and Needs Assessor.

Assists in Developing and Implementing Necessary Marketing Strategy.

International Liaison.

Experience in drafting, reviewing and consulting business plans with a focus on marketing.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Shimer College Illinois

Studied Critical Theory and the History and Philosophy of Western Civilization at Oxford, England.

Email: tkrueger@thecorpchicago.com


About Tim Krueger
Tim Krueger has been a top executive of T.H.E Corporation. He is an integral element in marketing, research, and project management his responsibly spans all levels of the corporation. He has assisted in drafting, reviewing and consulting business plan drafting with a focus on marketing. He helped to developed policy and procedures T.H.E Corporation. Working in a group setting he has assisted in identifying and developing business goals. Mr. Krueger implemented and maintained the necessary objectives to fulfill targeted goals. He has aided and assisted in developing websites, assisted in writing marketing plan for the condominium development project and assisted development of brochures.

His research skills has been put to use identifying and utilizing multiple resources for ongoing research exploring the customs procedures and protocol for importing merchandise from Eastern Europe. He has worked in conjunction with legal professionals to investigate legal concerns relating to By-laws, federal and state laws regarding condominiums. He also has experience with market research, competition research and public needs research.

Tim Krueger is an International liaison for T.H.E. Corporation. He has demonstrated effective management of personal by mediating between co-workers and clients as well as resolving and managing personality conflicts within a group setting. He has also identified and contacted various professionals to support ongoing projects and recruited new employees.

Tim Krueger has been a world traveling prior to joining T.H.E Corporation spending his last year of college studying at Oxford, England. He has also spent time in Germany and Bosnia complements of the United States Army.

Mr. Krueger attended a discussion based school and acquired excellent inter-personal communication skills. He has 3 years experience in professionally utilizing active-listening skills in order to understand the intended meaning of a conversation and synthesize various ideas from different perspectives. He was also a member of several committees during his tenure at Shimer College. The Grievance and Appeals committee dealt with issues between peers and school policy as well as peer-to-peer. He was a member of the Budget Committee which would develop the yearly budget to be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.


Associate Trainer and Customer Service Specialist, 2004-2006
Infields Sports Bar in Macy's Chicago, Illinois
Cocktail Waiter and Bartender, 2001-2003
Madison Avenue Fine Dining and Bar Waukegan, Illinois
Security Guard Summer 2001
ManPower Abbot Laboratories North Chicago, Illinois
Teachers Assistant Spring 2000
Little Fort Elementary School Waukegan, Illinois

Armored Crew Member 1995-1999
United States Army Friedburg, Germany 1996-1998 Ft. Hood Texas 1998-1999

  • Awarded three Army Achievement Medals for Meritorious Service
  • Awarded Good Conduct Medal for Exemplary Behavior
  • Achieved the rank of Sergeant (E-5) in minimal time. Received instructions from organizational managers and delegated work assignments, ensuring the task was understood and accomplished to meet organizational goals
  • Counseled personnel on job performance, personal appearance, and career development
  • Responsible for regular maintenance and inventory of equipment worth more than 2.5 million dollars
  • Spent five months in Bosnia on Peace Keeping Missions
  • Honorable Discharge

Shimer College 1999-2004 Waukegan, Illinois
B.A. Humanities
United States Army 1995-1999










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