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Tomorrow’s Humanitarian Engineers Corp of Chicago is a group of project managers whose main purpose is to meet community needs by assisting condominium owners into becoming efficient and effective associations also we support local businesses by connecting small businesses to the world and the world to small businesses. We know that small businesses make up a large part of world market revenues. Our commitment is to expose the outputs of small businesses to the global market arena.

We plan to do this by implementing new intelligent, innovative, efficient, and effective technological and marketing strategies. We are using the latest marketing techniques to identify specific market areas that relate to individual small businesses. We will then identify which market segment will be most effective for that particular business. Extensive networking, resource management and database technology will be an integral part of our business strategy.

Tomorrow’s Humanitarian Engineers of Chicago is dedicated to nurturing and fostering growth with innovative small businesses all around the world. T.H.E. CORP believes in developing relationships with businesses based on integrity and mutual trust. We prefer to invest in the future success of locally handcrafted goods from skilled Eastern European craftsmen such as the Czech Republic. We are providing a connective co-operative that allows our clients a competitive edge against mass produced factory merchandise.

T.H.E. Corp’s philosophy is based on providing quality services and job creation giving our employees a living wage and real world experience. Our focus is on evolving our employees’ individual talents and abilities to increase their marketable skills and developing their capacity to apply that experience and knowledge in a business environment. T.H.E. CORP provides traveling opportunities to foster and expand its employee’s horizons to include dialogue and diversity sensitivity with businesses around the world.

Finally, T.H.E. CORP believes in giving back to the community. Skills and knowledge are only valuable if they can be redistributed to people who might not have the opportunity. Therefore, THE CORP is interested in supporting underprivileged people and communities.

Nick Heap
Marketing Coordinator

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