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Identifying your needs and developing a plan to meet them


Organization of your Association is the most important resource you can have to ensure the successful management of your Condominium. The better organized your process of management is the less stress you, your fellow Owners, and your staff will have.

Whatever your particular situation may be, if yours is a newer condominium, there may still be some things that you as an owner will need to do – and T.H.E. Corporation can provide the guidance, assistance and training you need in order to avoid potential pitfalls and unnecessary expenses associated with condominium management. We will assist you in streamlining the process of establishing your Condominium Association and show you how to effectively manage it yourselves.

T.H.E. Corporation and T.H.E. Financial Services is a team of project managers, marketing professionals and licensed securities and insurance agents whose focus is on re-engineering, modernizing and reorganizing businesses and organization into productive management teams. We facilitate these improvements by providing enhanced methodologies, technologies and training to management teams.



Empowering Condominium Associations

    • Unit Owner Controlled
    • Lower Association Dues
    • Trained Management Team
    • Reliable, Low-Cost Building
    • Maintenance

Developing Financial Peace of Mind

    • Mortgage Assistance
    • Investment Plans
    • Health & Life Insurance

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